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No More Weighting. Welcome to my first blog post EVER.

Crazy, I know.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a writer. And while we’re being honest here, I don’t know too much about blogging either. Did I lose you yet? 🙂 What I do know is that I’ve been itching to try something new, especially something related to my latest weight loss journey. So here we are, a shiny new scale and a shiny new blog!

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Current weight: 235.6lbs

Since this is the first time we’re meeting, let me share a little about myself! My name is Alyssa, I’m 23 years old and am a recent college graduate. Oh and one more thing– I’m what the medical world labels as morbidly obese. Scary, huh? I’d like to say I wasn’t always this way, but the truth is I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’ve gained and lost, gained and lost, gained and lost so many times I honestly can’t remember them all! I’ve weighed 265lbs and I’ve weighed 120lbs, been through healthy diet plans and some questionable ones, but never once have I kept the weight off and “maintained.” I am SO determined to make this time different. And I believe with your help, I can.

No More Weighting
Lowest weight (120lbs) vs. highest weight (265lbs)

But it’s not just you guys holding me accountable, no way. I’ve gone back on Weight Watchers, a plan that was once successful for me before and hopefully will be again. Weight Watchers’ PointsPlus plan helped me achieve my first dramatic weight loss of 65lbs when I was 18 years old and was also the reason I was able to weigh 120lbs at one point in my life. The secret is out! But again like many people (of course not all), as soon as I went off of the plan, those numbers on the scale slowly started creeping up.

And up.

And up.

You get the point.

Through SmartPoint tracking, weekly weigh-ins, and finally joining a community here, I hope this most recent weight loss journey will be my last. I’m SO excited to begin sharing my stories, fitness tricks, WW recipes ( etc, etc…) with you all! Additionally, I will be actively posting on Instagram, so be sure to give me a follow there!

Most importantly, I can’t wait to read all of your stories and learn from you! I believe with each other’s help we can all reach our goals.

Well, that’s all I have in me for tonight. Please bear with me for a bit as I’m still trying to get this blog up and running! Lastly, I encourage whoever is here reading this, whether you’re on a weight loss journey or not, to comment hello and share a little about yourself. <3

Thanks for reading & goodnight!

SW: 265lbs | CW: 235lbs | GW: 140lbs


12 thoughts on “No More Weighting | Welcome to Lose it Lyss

  1. Hi Alysa. I have a lot in common with you. I too weigh around 230 well down to 219 now. thanks to slimming world. that’s what is working for me. Myblog Is about mental health recovery and I also document my weight loss journey, have recipes in there, quotes etc. I hope you might follow me. xo

  2. Hi Alyssa, so lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for liking, commenting and following me on instagram and on my blog, I really appreciate it.
    I am looking forward to your posts ! 🙂 x

  3. Hey Alyssa, I don’t know if you remember me, we met in freshman year of college. But, you’ve inspired me.
    I’ve had a lot of trouble sticking to a healthy lifestyle and I will definitely be keeping up with your posts to help me keep motivated. I feel the same way, I’ve been at my lowest 125 and my highest was 199. I am so determined to try and change my lifestyle because I’m tired of letting it hold me back as I’ve noticed it has in almost every aspect of my life. Looking forward to following your journey as I’m working on my own.

    1. Hey Melanie, I do remember you! You are so inspiring. Thank you so much for giving my page a read and I hope it will continue to help you on your own journey. No one should have to hold themselves back because of their weight and insecurities. You’ve got this girl! 😊❤️

  4. Normally when I trip or fall I break something, however today, I am glad I stumbled onto your page. (sorry for the cheesiness, but that’s who I am ) Its a pleasure to be here Alyssa!

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