Earth Day Weigh-in & Refined Sugar Challenge | 2018

Happy Earth Day everyone! Time for an Earth-day-weigh-in…

Today is all about showing love for our planet and concern for its future (which, honestly, should be every day)! Coincidently, today is also my weigh in day and boy do I have some exciting results.

Earth Day Weigh-in: I’m finally in the 220’s!

229.2lbs to be exact. A weight I haven’t been in almost 2 years! 😮 I can actually remember weighing in at 225lbs the day of my 22nd birthday. Guess it’s time to start rummaging through my closet again for more clothes that may fit…specifically a certain pair of ripped jeans and v-neck crisscrossed shirt –

earth day weigh in
Me & my amazing college roommates on my 22nd birthday. Weight: 225lbs.

But I digress.

This is the first week I managed to stay within my daily points (with the exception of Friday when I went, like, 1 point over). It so paid off! Still, it’s somewhat shocking to me that I managed to stay within my allotment considering some of the things I ate…

Like these pancakes


Or these smoothies 

Earth day weigh-inIMG_5657.JPG

And especially, the 3 life-changing pints of Enlightened ice-cream I inhaled over the past seven days…

Earth day weigh-in

Needless to say, foodwise this week was a good one! If you’re interested in seeing all of my daily eats, follow me on Instagram at @loseitlyss.

Speaking of Instagram, earlier this week I had a poll on my stories for some potential challenges to try; either the 0 point challenge or the no refined sugar challenge. For those who are unfamiliar with these, the 0 point challenge consists of eating only 0 point Weight Watcher foods for a week or so (0 pointers consist of extremely lean and clean foods, such as all fruit, veggies, eggs, beans, meat, fish, tofu… this list goes on)! Basically, high proteins, natural sugars, and NO complex carbs. BASICALLY, the most difficult challenge for a carb loving snacker like me.

On the other hand, the no refined sugar challenge is somewhat similar, as it requires the removal of most processed foods containing added sugars. This challenge popped up on my radar after my favorite vloggers, Kyuho and Sarah of 2hearts1seoul, went refined sugar-free for two weeks. Intrigued like I was? Then watch their experience with it here:

Alright now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for– which challenge won the poll? *drumroll*

No Refined Sugar!

Super happy with the results! Honestly, I’d be happy either way, but after watching Kyuho and Sarah do it, I was kind of leaning towards that one. Stay tuned for updates/more details about this challenge as I try to figure out who/what/where/when/& how I want to do it!

How about you all, any diet challenges you’re interested in? Fun Earth Day plans? (I’m trying to hit up home depot to plant). I’d love to hear all it!

Thanks for reading my Earth Day Weigh-in and as always, wishing you a happy and healthy day.

Lose it Lyss <3


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