Dietbet & Weekly Weigh-in

So Lyss, what’s a Dietbet?

I’m baaacck!

Not that I was gone that long! Sometimes, you just need a little break, and I had a few things going on this week past week that took precedence. Now it’s just time to play catch up.

For starters, today is my weigh-in day and it went so much better than expected. After losing 1.3lbs last Sunday, I managed to lose 3lbs this week, officially putting me at -44.8llbs down with 85.2lbs to go.

Finally getting closer to my biggest milestone of saying BYE FELICIA to the 200’s, and I am hoping to reach that goal by September. As important as that milestone is to me, that’s no longer the only reason I’ve been working harder – which brings me to my next topic to catch-up on.

Dietbet before and after
SW: 265 | CW: 220.2

Last Sunday I joined a Dietbet! Well, two actually, one lasting until the first week of July and the other until December. Crazy right?

So, what is a Dietbet?

Basically, it’s a website where people who are trying to lose weight can enter a game costing between $25-$35 (all bet amounts vary, those are just the most common I’ve seen) and you can bet real money on you losing a certain percentage of body weight by the end of a specific time period.

My first game which ends in July challenges me to lose 4% of my body weight, and my second, longer game, challenges me to lose 10% by December. I’m beyond excited to take part in these games as so far they have been extremely motivating (clearly, I didn’t go over my points all week!) but also because I have the chance to win some money back as well.

If you are interested in joining a Dietbet, check out the website here. And who knows, maybe I’ll host one in the future and we can win & lose together!

One of this week’s many salads. Details on Instagram.

So between staying within my points, upping the gym to 4x a week, and drinking more water, I’d say the past 2 weeks during my blogging lull have been pretty on track! Stay tuned for some requested reviews & recipes later on this week (hint, they have something to do with Weight Watchers “skinny pasta“) and make sure to follow my Instagram for posts daily!

Wishing you a happy and healthy Sunday,



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