Mama’s ZERO SmartPoint Homemade Tomato Basil Sauce

If you had to pick only one recipe to read on this blog, it needs to be this one! Here is my Mama’s ZERO SmartPoint tomato basil sauce!

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As I’ve mentioned probably one too many times on here, I’m Italian. Surprise, surprise!!

This should go without saying, but pasta sauce is basically the glue that holds Italian families together – no, I’m serious!

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There’s no problem that a homemade meal of pasta with pomodoro sauce can’t solve (and no, I’m not going to get into the sauce vs. gravy argument here, but feel free to duke it out in the comments).

It is the lifeblood of Italians. You cut us open? We bleed sauce.

You go out to an Italian restaurant and don’t like the sauce? Never going there again. It can 100% make or break a meal.

Too much? Not enough, but I think I’ve made my point!!

That being said, Italian red sauces (marinaras, pomodoros) are some of the lowest SmartPoint sauces out there because of their tomato base and fresh ingredients. Every family has their own recipe (each claiming theirs is the best), but today I’m sharing how my mom and I make ours. Keep reading for some authentic, tomato-y and herby goodness!

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Zero SmartPoint Italian Red Sauce

Serves: 8 | Time: 1.5 hrs | SmartPoints: 0 on myWW Green, Blue and Purple


  • 4-5 large cloves of fresh garlic
  • 1/2 small sweet onion OR 1/4 large sweet onion (relative to size)
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 2 28 oz. cans crushed tomatoes
  • 1/2 heaping tbsp of dry or fresh basil (fresh is better)
  • salt & pepper for taste, as desired


  1. Finely chop the garlic and the onion on a cutting board.Processed with VSCO with e7 preset
  2. Put a tablespoon of oil into a medium-sized pot. Add in the chopped garlic and the onions and begin to saute on medium heat until slightly translucent. *Do not brown.* Mix everything together.
  3. Add the two cans of crushed tomatoes to the pot. Fill 1/3 of the now empty cans with water and add to the pot. (so 2/3 water total) No wasting tomatoes here!!
  4. Drop in basil & seasonings & begin mixing in.
  5. Let the sauce cook on medium heat until it starts to bubble.Processed with VSCO with e7 presetLastly, set the heat to low and let simmer for 1 hour while stirring periodically.

Serves approx 8, 1 cup servings.

And that’s it! I really hope you give this recipe I grew up with a try. Lately, I’ve been pairing it with some 3 SP Carba Nada pasta & it makes such a filling and satisfying meal. Oh, and let’s not forget some ricotta cookies for dessert.

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As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a happy & healthy rest of your day! Also, if you enjoyed this recipe, consider supporting me by sharing the image below on Pinterest.



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