Welcome to Lose it Lyss!

I’m so happy that, by one way or another, you ended up here 🙂 If you couldn’t already tell by the title of my blog, Lose it Lyss, my name is “Lyss” or Alyssa and I am undergoing weight loss and a total lifestyle change! You see, all my life I’ve struggled with weight fluctuations & discovering an effective, healthy means to lose weight. I’ve tried calorie counting, work out routines, pills, and (unfortunately) some very restrictive diets. After gaining a whopping 125 lbs in 4 years at college, I’ve decided enough is enough! Now, a recently-moved-back-home-millennial, I feel like I’m equipped with the time and resources to do everything necessary to get my life back on track. Oh, and most importantly, to share my experiences with you on this blog.


Past Weight Loss

Back in 2012-2013, I was actually successful in losing approx. 40 lbs on Weight Watchers and an additional 25 lbs on my own.

Exciting, right?!


I loved being a part of Weight Watchers. Tracking points, having weekly weigh-ins, being part of a community etc… all proved to be very successful for me. Unfortunately, paying monthly for the plan became a bit much, so I convinced myself I’d be able to lose the rest of the weight on my own. I wasn’t exactly wrong, but…

My methods post WW for reaching that awesome goal of 120 lbs were not the healthiest. I became obsessed with calorie counting and was often consuming 500-700 calories a day. Going over those calories usually consisted of vigorous cardio or fasting. I began to lose weight for all the wrong reasons & set unrealistic goals for myself. Binging and fasting became my new BFF. It felt SO great to still be losing weight, but no matter how low the number on the scale got, I never felt thin.

As it would turn out, my life revolved so much around reaching this one goal that once I finally met it I just…stopped. I relieved myself of all that self-pressure and began lightening my restrictions; however, the bad habits I had formed still stuck around. My binges didn’t result in fasting and became more frequent. I went to TOWN on all of the foods I had cut out of my diet before. College sealed the deal. I gained double of my lost weight back.

Talk about a total 360Ëš!

Now, however, many years later, I am determined to lose weight again…the RIGHT way. The I-need-a-total-lifestyle-change way. It’s exciting, scary and about damn time. Once again, I’ve returned to Weight Watchers as an aid for keeping my weight in check & helping me lose sans calorie counting. Right now my only goal is healthy, and for this weight loss journey to be my last. I can’t wait to share all of my WW experiences, recipes & tips I discover along the way, and I hope that together we both can meet our goals!

With much love,

Lose it Lyss